Here is some of my work from over the years. While I do spend a lot of my time trying to capture memories that bring a figment of my imagination from the past into my present and future, I have found most joy looking at memories from live events or my time spent in the jungles.

To me, people on stage and expressing themselves creatively, take me though a celestial journey, where I lose track of the present. I find myself floating in energy that draws me in. Like a blackhole. For that time – there is just me, and the artist(s) on stage. I, in my trance. They, in theirs. It takes years for a musician to come up with a piece of work that can move souls. Many musicians hit that spot, may be just once in their lifetime. But that one piece, when recreated, can create a unifying energy that captivates everyone in the audience.

The world as we know it today, is an explosion of greed. While it’s nature at it’s best – survival of the fittest, somewhere humankind has lot it’s essence – humanity. However, our DNA is still that of beings that learnt to survive in the jungle. Today, we are well protected. In the jungle, we are not on foot, but in jeeps. We have the power of a machine. Yet, if an animal decides to, they can get us. Still, they spend most of their time hiding from us. Remember the transcendental experience I just told you about while I am photographing a live event? It’s the same trance I experience when are trying to look for a predator in the jungle. Wildlife in India is pristine. You just need to get yourselves out there. Once that bug has bit you, you are intoxicated for life. What happens to you as a person later – is metamorphosis. One can’t tell; if one goes back to being who they really are, or, one becomes what one is meant to be. One begins to appreciate those little joys of life which gets taken for granted. The universe one lives in – nothing is permanent. It’s vast and I am nothing bug a blip. In the grand scheme of things, no one matters. However much one wishes to, one cannot assure yourself of a sighting of choice. Allow me to give you a perspective. The male tigers rule a 20km radius. They walk around marking their territory. If there’s an intruder, there will be a duel. The best man wins. Now, how can one find two male tigers in a duel in a 800 square kilometre jungle like Bandipur. The tourism area is only about 50 square kilometre. You know?

It’s this that I am chasing. That feeling of high energy, frequency and vibration! It’s addictive!