DIY: Bookshelf

We’ve been between homes lately thanks to the lockdown. We’ve now finally settled down, and we are trying to create a space that we both love. My husband is an avid reader and I am a crazy plant lady. We had so many pots all over the house, it was frankly adding clutter. Instead of going out and buying those floating wall shelves, we decided to do a bookshelf-plus-plant-home kinda decor by a brightly lit window.

To make this shelf, you would need –

  1. Some wooden planks – We used 4 feet width and 1 feet depth with 25mm thickness, but these ones on Amazon are 3 feet wide, and they will work just fine. We got spare wood from our local timber. You might be able to feel the wood before you buy.
  2. “L” clamps or brackets. Be mindful of the size. Buy something that would work for you. You will find these at your local hardware store too.
  3. Screws – get them after you have received / purchased your clamps.
  4. Drill gun or some method of drilling a hole in your wall.
  5. Some wooden chips to put into the wall after you have drilled a hole in it.
  6. Hammer.
  7. Screwdriver.

If you don’t feel confident enough, any carpenter would be able to put this in for you. But, if you want to do this yourself you might want to remember to space the brackets / clamps appropriately. Example, if your wooden planks are 3 feet in width- I would space both the clamps half feet from each edge. If the wooden board is 4 feet wide like ours, we used 3 clamps. We placed one right in the middle and the other two 6 inches away from the edge. This will help balance weight of the wooden plank.

If you buy a ready to install one from furniture stores, I can assure you, it would be a lot more expensive. Of course, the QC process would make sure of size, fit, etc. Doing this would not only save you money, but will also add a rustic touch.

If you try this out – do write to me and let me know how it all turned out.

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